Expert Copyediting and Technical Copyediting in Portland, Oregon

Every writer knows that after the product’s first stage is completed, fresh eyes are needed to make the work ready for print. At Forbes Editorial Services in Portland, OR, I want your words to be heard by your audience. That can’t happen when there is a grammar or spelling error. Those errors don’t happen with Allina Forbes.

If you or your business has work that needs a fresh set of eyes, contact Allina Forbes for copyediting and technical copyediting help. In a very short time, I can have your work honed and polished for your target market. Where your copy slows down or stumbles, Forbes Editorial Services can pick it back up. I’ll catch those grammar and punctuation issues before anybody has a chance to see them.

Concise Copyediting Your Way

At Forbes Editorial Services, I know that when a writer or author puts their words in my hands, they are nervous about what is to become of their vision. I know that you have a clear message, and want it to be read your way. I don’t want to change that.

I want to be the first look at your work so that when it gets read by your market, your product breathes with success. When you reach the proofreading stage of your work, your eyes aren’t fresh anymore. Mine will be. I bring professional expertise to your work to bring your work to life with unparalleled attention to detail.

Technical Copyediting That Makes Sense

If you have technical copy to publish, you have a specialized product. At Forbes Editorial Services, I know how difficult it can be to bring a technical project to completion. Your technical copy is held to a higher standard than any other copy. It needs to be clear and concise, and error-free. Forbes Editorial Services also knows that it needs to make sense.

At Forbes Editorial Services, I make sure that your technical copyediting makes your products and their specifications shine. I can bring clarity to your goals and content by ensuring it goes to your market without any errors. My editing will bring consistency and professionalism to help you fine-tune your finished product.

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When you need copyediting in Portland, Oregon, Forbes Editorial Services is there. Contact Forbes Editorial Services for a quote for proofreading, copyediting and technical copyediting that needs specialized attention to detail. I can start on your no-obligation quote today.

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